What’s Your Gut Type?

The foods to eat and avoid for your unique gut flora

Are you struggling with unexplained weight gain, depression, IBS or
inflammatory skin conditions? It’s probably because of your gut

If you think all bacteria are bad, think again. Your gut is
made up of hundreds of millions of bacteria, some of which is necessary
for digestion, and some of which cause ailments like inflammatory
bowel disease. Increasingly, scientists are claiming that having diverse
gut microbes is the key to good health. Eating the right types of food
for your gut can help the good bacteria thrive and reduce bad bacteria –
but not all guts are created equal.

Dr Axe, author of Eat Dirt, identifies five different gut types and what you can do to improve everything from poor digestion to insomnia to depression.

Click through our guide to learn your gut type and the beneficial foods and supplements for your gut flora…

Apester Lazyload

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