Could Glynis Barber’s Diet Be The Secret To A Leaner You?

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  • Get In-Sync with actress Glynis Barber's age busting and fat burning plan

    You’ll probably recognise actress Glynis Barber as one half of the 1980s hit cop series Dempsey & Makepeace, or for her recurring role in TV dramas like Eastenders and Emmerdale. But what you might not know is that Glynis is a self-professed health nut, dedicated to being and looking youthful. Just one look at the beautiful star and it’s clear to see that whatever it is she’s doing – it’s obviously working!

    ‘Remaining healthy, free from illness, fit, youthful and being the best I can be at whatever age I am, has become integral to my life,’ she says.

    So, what is the secret behind Glynis Barber’s youthful glow? It’s called The In-Sync Diet and now you too can reap the rewards of this revolutionary eating plan. Glynis has teamed up with renowned nutritionist Fleur Borrelli to create the age busting and fat busting The In-Sync Diet (£6.99). Forget what you think you know about weight loss and get ready to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and change the way you eat, drink and exercise forever.

    The name of The In-Sync Diet comes from the idea that most of us are currently out-of-sync. This is why so many of us feel tired and stressed, are unable to sleep, eat even when we’re not hungry and are prone to weight gain, heart disease and so many more health problems. Being out-of-sync is why other diets have failed.

    Why are so many of us out-of-sync? With so much confusing diet information out there, it’s hard to know what’s healthy for us and what could be damaging our bodies.

    But no more – The In-Sync Diet will help you dispel common diet myths, shed the extra pounds and feel full of energy. It’s not just about eating less and exercising more; The In-Sync Diet will show you which foods will optimise your health, plus when to eat and when not to eat. By following these principles, you’ll finally break down fat instead of losing lean tissue – resulting in a lean, toned, and healthy body.

    Keep reading to discover the common diet myths and principles behind Glynis Barber’s anti-ageing eating plan…

    Buy The In-Sync Diet by Glynis Barber and Fleur Borrelli, £6.99.

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