10 Ways to Cut Sugar From Your Diet

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  • Our simple steps will boost your health - and should help you lose weight too!

    Sweet as it may seem, we all know sugar is public enemy no.1. And as the NHS plan to introduce ‘sugar tax’ in hospital cafes by 2020 in a bid to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis, it seems we are gradually realising just how dangerous the ‘sweet’ stuff can be.

    Just a few extra teaspoons per week are enough to encase the liver in fat, leading to life-threatening diseases like diabetes and obesity. Not to mention the drastic mood changes that accompany your 4pm biscuit habit.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that an adult of normal weight eat just 25g (about six teaspoons) of sugar per day. But with the white stuff dominating our Western diets so completely, how can we kick the habit? Even supposedly healthy foods like dried fruit can contain 24g of sugar per each 50g serving – that’s your entire daily allowance in just one snack!

    So what’s the solution? We’ve got ten tips to help you quit sweet treats for good. Not only will your weight shift after cutting out sugar, but your mood, skin and energy levels should also improve. And don’t forget the damage that sugar does to your teeth, either!

    Although many turn to natural substitutes like honey or agave syrup, the truth is these are just as bad as the processed stuff. Fortunately, scientists have alighted on an alternative.

    Stevia is a Paraguayan plant that tastes 300 times sweeter than sugar, and has zero calories and zero carbohydrates! It was approved for use in the EU in 2011, but only now are manufacturers really waking up to its fat-busting potential. So be prepared to see plenty more of this miracle ingredient on the nutrition labels of our favourite treats. Buy White Stevia Crystals here.

    Can’t wait until then? Start making the switch in your own home cooking today. Simply head to your local health store and stock up on white stevia crystals.

    Keep reading to discover more ways to cut sugar from your diet – trust us, your body will thank you for it…

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