Annabel Kemp

Annabel Kemp

Freelance Writer

A keen wildlife enthusiast, Annabel has written about everything from the animals of the Amazon rainforest and penguins of Antarctica, to the birds that visit our back gardens.


Reading is one of her favourite pastimes. Having studied English Literature, she now writes a weekly review of newly published books for Woman’s Own magazine and has interviewed authors including Bernardine Evaristo and Isabel Allende.


Her love of languages and travel has taken her all over the world, from a year teaching English at a Colombian university, to helping organise an international arts festival in the mountains of northern Vietnam. Her travel pieces cover a broad range of destinations, including wild walks in Wiltshire, whale watching in Mexico and the world’s most magical stargazing sites.


When she’s not writing, Annabel loves illustrating designs for her side business as a tattoo artist, as well as playing the piano, creating stop-motion animation videos and tending to her million-and-one houseplants.