Duchess Catherine compared to the Queen as she 'steps up to her role'

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine has been compared to Queen Elizabeth II by royal commentators as she 'steps up.'

Why was duchess Catherine compared to the Queen?

Rachel Bowie explained how the Duchess of Cambridge seemed more queenly, comparing a recent outfit she wore to Queen Elizabeth II's wardrobe.

She said: "Kate looked stunning in a red, Alexander McQueen coat and a new handbag by Grace Han.

"I thought it was very Queen Elizabeth II, with the little top handle black bag."

Roberta Fiorito added: "Yes, I thought so too, even her pumps with that coat looked very Queen Elizabeth II to me."

Rachel then continued: "We said last week that Prince William has felt more kingly recently.

"I do also think that Kate Middleton feels more Queenly a lot."

Roberta agreed, adding: "I do too, they are rising up to these roles, they are stepping up into their roles."

Last week, the royal experts discussed Prince William's efforts to raise awareness about the impact of climate change.

Speaking after his sensational documentary, 'A Planet For All of Us' Rachel said that the Prince is feeling more King like and she can see him on the throne.

She said: "That was how I felt, the energy of all the touchpoints of this initiative in this big launch, I felt like ‘ok I am really listening.’

"I really believe that I can see you on the throne and feel your impact already."

We couldn't agree more!


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