Clean and Lean Diet: How To Burn Belly Fat

Follow the new flat tummy diet by Elle MacPherson's personal trainer, James Duigan

With all the dieting you do and Zumba classes you attend, you would think that your stomach would be rock hard, right? But sadly, belly flab is one of the most stubborn areas to get rid of. And unfortunately, it’s the area most of us feel self-conscious about!

But don’t fret – personal trainer to the A-list, James Duigan is here to show you how to burn belly fat the foolproof way. Owner of Bodyism gym in London’s Knightsbridge, James’ celebrity clientele includes supermodels Elle Macpherson, Lara Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – and even Hugh Grant has been known to attend the luxurious £18,000-a-year gym. Don’t have a spare £18k lying around? No problem, you can now reap all the benefits from James’ fat-busting methods for a fraction of the cost.

His new book Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast provides realistic tips and advice on how to burn belly fat. Rather than starving yourself in a bid to drop the pounds James suggests sensible ways to avoid bloating by tailoring your diet accordingly. He concentrates on avoiding toxins like sugar, alcohol, processed food and excess caffeine while incorporating cleaner foods into your diet – in their natural state.

On the Clean & Lean Diet, you’ll get rid of bad processed foods and stock up on plenty of ‘clean foods’ instead – ones that won’t make you feel bloated and that don’t contain hard to pronounce ingredients. Give the diet a go and you’ll quickly start looking – and feeling – slimmer, better and healthier.

So whether you’ve got a beach holiday coming up and want to look your best in a bikini or if you just want to feel less bloated and trimmer, the Clean & Lean Diet could just just the ticket. Click through to discover James’ advice on how to burn belly fat in just 14 days.

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