10 Soups That Will Still Satisfy If You're On A Diet

Healthy Soups Main
Healthy Soups Main
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Slimming doesn't have to mean starvation - in fact, there are more flavoursome and filling foods available than ever to satisfy your hunger without thwarting your weight-loss efforts. While home cooking a soup or broth is the best way to know what's in your food, sometimes you can't help but rely on food chains and supermarkets for a quick lunch. Not all soups are created equal, and some can contain frightening amounts of fat, salt and sugar, but if you pay attention to labels and portion sizes, there's no need to avoid shop-bought soups.

Need inspiration for what to buy on the high street during the lunch-hour rush? Read through our round-up of tasty and healthy soups that are big on flavour and low in calories, sugar and other diet downfalls.

Quorn Meat Free Red Thai Soup (£2.50/600g)

46 kcal/100g

This high protein soup will satisfy your curry craving without piling on the pounds. It's a blend of rice noodles, coconut and red thai paste that's not only suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but is also low in sugar and fat.

Pret A Manger Moroccan Lentil Soup

220kcal/194g serving

Although it can be hard to resist the more calorie-laden options in Pret, you can try any of their delicious soups guilt-free. We love the Moroccan Lentil soup, which contains healthy lentils, carrots, celery and Moroccan spices.

New Covent Garden Skinny Souper Greens with Italian Basil Pesto (£2.10/600g)


With 2 of your 5 a day in each serving, New Covent Garden's soup is a great choice if you're looking for a filling lunch that packs a punch, thanks to the high fibre from peas, leeks, courgettes, spinach, broccoli and green beans.

Pod Succulent Chicken, Kale & Spelt Soup


The best way to stop snacking is to eat a balanced lunch containing whole grains, vegetables and protein. Pod's delicious soup provides everything you need to avoid the 3pm slump, and for only 212 calories a serving.

Tesco Healthy Living Three Bean And Vegetable Soup (£0.45/400g)


Tinned soups may get a bad rap, but there are tasty and healthy options available on supermarket shelves. Try Tesco's Three Bean And Vegetable Soup containing vegetables, beans and spices. At 70kcals per half can, you can even afford a small bread roll on the side without ruining your diet.

M&S Balanced For You Lamb & Chickpea Soup


Launched in 2010, M&S' Balanced For You range offers healthy meal options full of interesting ingredients. If you're stuck in a diet rut, try one of their low-calorie soups, such as Lamb & Chickpea.

Baxters Minestrone With Wholemeal Pasta Soup


If you thought pasta was off the menu, think again. Baxters' Minestrone uses a healthy wholemeal variety that will prevent the blood sugar crashes associated with white pasta.

Itsu Classic Chicken Noodles


Itsu's hugely popular chicken noodle soup replaces regular noodles with crystal noodles, which saves on calories and carbohydrates. The chargrilled chicken and veggies are packed with protein and fibre to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Eat Chicken Laksa


On-the-go eating doesn't mean you have to eat greasy, salty and calorie-laden food. Pop into your nearest branch of Eat and try their delicious Malaysian-inspired laksa for less than 300 calories a serving.

Glorious! Sicilian Tomato & Balsamic Soup


Many tomato soups are deceptively healthy, and savvy dieters will know that some of the best-loved versions are packed with sugar, cream and salt. Luckily, Glorious! have concocted a delicious tomato-rich soup that won't spike your blood sugar levels.