Why Magnesium is a vital mineral for 50+ women—and how to up your intake

It can be difficult to get all the magnesium you need from food alone...

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As an essential mineral, magnesium has some pretty impressive benefits. Not only does it contribute towards more energy (and a reduction in tiredness and fatigue), it also helps with muscle function, psychological function, and the maintenance of normal bones. 

But despite its strong credentials, many of us aren’t getting enough of it. A study published in Frontiers In Nutrition found that one in ten adults is magnesium deficient. 

Magnesium is naturally present in foods like kale, spinach, black beans, nuts, bananas, and whole grains, but for many of us, it’s difficult to get the recommended daily amount from diet alone. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to modern intensive farming techniques which strip micronutrients from the soil, as well as increased consumption of processed food. If you’re struggling to get enough magnesium from food, a supplement is an easy way to up your intake. Magnesium+ from FutureYou Cambridge is a fuss-free way to take magnesium and has a highly absorbable formula, to ensure you reap the benefits to your overall health. 

How women over 50 can benefit from magnesium


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As we age, it’s common to feel tired more easily, as if our energy levels are depleting. While this can be a natural part of the ageing process, it can also be down to other factors, such as missing out on key nutrients like magnesium. 

Getting enough is important for our overall health, but as we age, research shows it becomes increasingly difficult to absorb, particularly for people over 50. 

But what would upping our magnesium look like for our health? We asked the expert nutritionist Aidan Goggins, BPharm, MSc Nutr Med, to explain. 

  • More energy—upping magnesium levels can help fight fatigue, and make you feel more energized and alert throughout the day. “With over 300 enzymes in the body relying on magnesium absorption to work properly, it's easy to see why sufficient intakes are so important for combating unexplained tiredness and fatigue,” explains Goggins. 
  • Regulating stress and anxiety—getting enough magnesium can have a positive effect on our mood. “In studies, we observe an increased demand for magnesium in high-stress environments,” Goggins continued. 
  • Contributes towards healthy cell function—magnesium can be found in every cell in the body and is vital for the body to function properly. As well as energy creation, research shows that magnesium contributes towards protein formation, gene maintenance, and muscle maintenance. Magnesium also supports a healthy immune system, according to research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

We know the theory behind why a healthy intake of magnesium is so important, but how does this work in practice? Three women share their stories of how upping their magnesium intake improved their health.  

 How Magnesium+ boosted my health

FutureYou magnesium supplement

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Annabel Simons (61), Blogger at Annabel & Grace

Annabel was told she was magnesium deficient. Before taking it she avoided reading up on the benefits of magnesium so she could see for herself whether it made any difference to her.

“I liked the fact that science is so important to FutureYou Cambridge so I decided to give Magnesium+ a try.  Initially, I thought I could be imagining the improvements, but I genuinely believe it made me more energetic, which led to me sleeping more consistently. This combination meant my general wellbeing was much better. Suddenly exercise seemed easier. I bounced out of bed for my early morning yoga classes and was able to keep up with others much younger than me. I soon realized I felt just like I used to.

“At one point I ran out of Magnesium+ and quickly felt I couldn’t do as much as I wanted—I really couldn’t do without them.”

Deb Eastwood (68), driving instructor and livery yard owner

Deb juggled being a nurse for thirty-six years as well as a part-time driving instructor and is used to being busy. She now breeds Shire horses and also volunteers in the re-housing of former commercial hens through Fresh Start for Hens

“I’m up at 6am every day to start work in the yard and was particularly busy when other owners couldn’t get to the stables through bad weather or shielding, so I had to muck out more horses than usual. My work is very physical, and I began to feel tired when previously I had felt fine. I went online to see what might help me and came across Magnesium+.

“I liked the fact that these supplements were backed by scientists so I decided to give them a try.  I soon realized that I felt just like I used to.  In fact, at one point I ran out of Magnesium+ and quickly felt I couldn’t do as much as I wanted—I really couldn’t do without them.”

Tracy Marriot (50s), Blogger The Violet Cottage

A self-employed blogger, Tracy from Suffolk is in her fifties and is one of the many thousands of people in the UK who has recently reinvented their work-life balance. This reinvention has taken all of her energy, focus, and determination, leaving her feeling constantly fatigued. However, Tracy recently discovered Magnesium+ and it’s given her a new zest for life.

“I didn’t realize I was lacking in magnesium until recently. I just felt sluggish, lacking in energy, and tired all of the time. I heard that a magnesium supplement could help with my energy levels, so I decided to do some research. After looking at the various brands and types of magnesium available, I came across Magnesium+ and felt reassured by the science and the fact that the company was based in Cambridge. It’s quite amazing, I really do feel quite different.”

 Magnesium+—what you need to know

Magnesium+ is a supplement that will help you up your intake of magnesium. 

Magnesium+ also contains Vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

Magnesium+ has been designed to be as bioavailable (absorbable) as possible, using a special magnesium lactate formulation that is easier to absorb than standard magnesium oxide. It doesn’t contain gluten or lactose and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

How to claim a free Magnesium+ subscription trial pack

You can trial Magnesium+ for just £1.50. Claim your free 28-day trial pack (worth £10.40) when you take up a 28-day subscription. 

Redeem at FutureYouHealth.com/mgf73 or call 0800 808 5740 and quote code MGF73 at checkout. 

After your free trial pack, subsequent packs containing 28 days' supply will cost £10.40 (including postage) and will be delivered every 28 days. FutureYou Cambridge products fit neatly through your letterbox—so you won't miss a delivery!

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Offer valid until 30th April 2022. One use per customer. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts or used against existing subscriptions. Full terms and conditions available at futureyouhealth.com/mgf73.

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