When Is The Right Time To Ask For A Pay Rise

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  • Whether it's tackling an emotionally loaded subject or a matter of practicality, our experts will help you get the timing right…

    Just as food shopping when you’re starving is a bad idea (resulting in a
    trolly piled with high-calorie goodies), so is there also a wrong time
    for difficult conversations, and making big and small decisions. Take a
    look at these suggestions and stack the odds in favour of success?

    Our experts:

    – Christine Webber Author of Too Young To Get Old (Piatkus) and How To Men A Broken Heart (Bloomsbury), and a psychotherapist

    – Sue Clarke A life and career coach. See inthehotseat.co.uk

    – Caroline Kisko Secretary of the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation. See thekennelclub.org.uk

    When Is The Right Time To: A bigger role at work?

    Look at the situation with a company ‘hat’ on. If you were in their shoes, would this be a good time to step forward? Spot windows of opportunity – perhaps you’ve had a successful run so your profile is high. A competitor in the wings can give you more leverage – your organisation may be open to ideas. If it’s all hands on deck for a big pitch, it’s probably not the time. The ‘SWOT’ test will tell you if you’re ready. That’s an analysis of Strengths – can you point to a successful track record? Weaknesses – think of feedback from those who matter – are these areas you need to sharpen? Opportunities – how exactly will your company benefit? Threats – can you pinpoint how they’d miss out if this move doesn’t happen?