We should congratulate ourselves on our sportsmanship – others still need to learn the spirit of the Olympics… Today’s Debate

In this country we are all brought up with the mantra ‘it’s not the winning that matters – it’s the taking part’. And our wonderful sportsmen and women do seem to all be proving the point.

A thrilled Beth Tweddle and her gymnastic team mates were overjoyed with their achievement at coming sixth yesterday, celebrating the fact this is the best performance for a British women’s gymnastics team since 1928, rather than being glum-faced that they couldn’t manage a medal.

Similarly, in the pool we’ve been impressed with the gorgeous smiles from several of our swimmers, including Liam Hancock, Ellen Gandy and Gemma Spofforth, as they’ve come in outside the medals but talked of their thrill at being part of Team GB and the fabulous experience they’ve had at the Games.

What a contrast over at Wembley Arena yesterday, where the women’s badminton doubles competition was under way. Rather than giving their absolute best, the Chinese and South Korean teams were both out to lose in a bid to give themselves an easier journey in the next round.

Both teams’ scandalous tactics involved regularly deliberately serving into the net and hitting the shuttlecock wide so as to forfeit points – their attempt to manipulate the final standings of their group.

A horrified crowd was left to watch the farce (having paid up to £75 for tickets) and the referee was forced to warn them that they faced disqualification if their terrible sportsmanship continued.

We reckon we should be rightly proud of our Team GB sportsmen and women for understanding the true spirit of the Games. These badminton players could do with taking a leaf out of their book.

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