‘We All Need A Break, Not From Life, But Just From Ourselves And The Pressure We Put On Ourselves’

When I had my brain surgery eight years ago as a result of a brain aneurysm, it was a reminder that life is short and I promised myself I would travel more, worry less and have more fun.

Yet here I am almost a decade later worrying about almost all the same things I was then, still working just as hard, still pushing myself as much!

It’s not that I don’t want to have fun, of course I do, it’s just that I have responsibilities and I take them seriously. And maybe I’ve got so used to my responsibilities that I don’t know how to take a break from them?

It dawned on me the other day when I cancelled yet another fun dinner to stay late at the office that I am simply out of the habit of just taking a break. And again on a Sunday afternoon when I had work to do but really just fancy a nap…I just got on with it and did the work!

And I guess it makes me realise that sometimes we all need a break, not from life or outside pressure but just from ourselves and the pressure we put on ourselves. Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to take that pressure off. Because life IS meant to be fun, and we are meant to have a balance otherwise what’s the point?

Maybe it’s a break from the big things, or maybe just the small things?

If the ironing isn’t done and the beds not made…does it really matter? The truth of course is that, no, it doesn’t matter…not a jot. No one died from lack of ironing! So occasionally I will be giving myself permission to ease back not to sweat the small stuff.

And there is also the pressure we put on ourselves…all the time. If I have that slice of cream cake or I didn’t bother going to the gym (this decade!) is my day truly ruined? No. There is always tomorrow!

Ladies we have to stop beating ourselves up for what we should have done, should have said and we have to start to give ourselves a break. It is ok to change your mind, chase your dreams, start over from scratch, accept yourself for who you are and to be kind to yourself.

So, guess what? I have decided to be kinder to myself and far less critical and embrace the things I do do, rather than the things I don’t do. No one should ever fixate on their flaws.

And yes, I am going to give myself permission to do something a bit indulgent…like take that afternoon nap, eat pasta or just embrace an unexpected change in the day to seize a moment to see a friend.

Because life IS short.

Apester Lazyload