Susanna Reid hits back at critics telling her to quit Good Morning Britain

The GMB star said she received abuse following co-host Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid said her skin “just gets thicker by the second” as she responded to critics following Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump.

The TV star said detractors are urging her to leave her job hosting the breakfast show, but added she has no intention of doing so.

She wrote on Twitter, “Getting hit from left and right. Criticised for being too opinionated … and too quiet.

“Accused of being a snowflake and a ****. Too liberal … too enabling, ‘good-looking, but…’ My skin just gets thicker by the second. And we do it all again tomorrow @gmb 6am.”

She added, “Half my critics think I should leave MY paid employment because THEY take issue with the person sitting next to me.

“The other half think I should leave, BECAUSE I take issue with the person sitting next to me. I’m staying right where I am.”

Piers interviewed the US president during his recent visit to the UK, talking to him on board Air Force One at Stansted Airport in Essex about the Queen, Brexit and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

However, some viewers accused him of going easy on the world leader.

Addressing journalists who had criticised Pier’s approach, Susanna said, “You can pat yourselves on the back for the brilliant interview you didn’t do with the President.

“Or you can watch the interview, deconstruct it and point out where he’s wrong. I chose the 2nd option.”

From our sister site What’s On TV. Words by David Hollingsworth.

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