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Jeremy Vine On His Strictly Secrets

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  • BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine, 50, lives in London with his
    wife, journalist and news presenter Rachel Schofield, and their two
    daughters, Martha, 11, and Anna, eight. His dance partner is Karen

    Strictly strength?

    Being able to let go and enjoy it. I’ve been getting rather overexcited, which I’ll have to learn to control. I’ve done Newsnight, Panorama and the elections but nothing compares to this. Journalists don’t usually get cheers.

    Best real-life dance floor moment?

    1984; Durham University student union; 1,000 students dancing to Blue Monday by New Order. Thankfully no judges were present!

    Favourite judge?

    There’s a polite formality backstage because we all get on yet know we are on different sides of the Strictly fence. I was amazed to discover that Bruno is 60 this year – can you believe it? He choreographed the Macarena and was in Elton John’s I’m Still Standing video.

    A night out with Karen would be spend…

    some British history. I quoted some Winstone Churchill to her recently
    and Karen wanted to know more – she’s only been living in the UK for
    three years – so I’d take her to the Churchill War Rooms.

    Strictly secret?

    more competitive than it looks. The stress backstage is huge. I told
    Iwan Thomas I found it harder than reporting on the General Election and
    he said it was more challenging than an Olympic final – can you imagine

    Earliest Christmas memory?

    Mum would always go
    to a local hospital on Christmas Day to visit old people. She’d drag me
    along even though as a bolshie teen I didn’t want to go. Now I realise
    how selfish I was.

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