As Andy Murray Prepares For The Wimbledon Semi-Final – We Ask: Are Brits Competitive Enough?… Today’s Debate

As Andy Murray prepares to play his semi-final match at Wimbledon this afternoon, we can’t help but wonder whether as the last Brit standing in the tournament, his solitary status is a signal of us Brits simply not being competitive enough.

It’s been 74 years since a British man last reached the Wimbledon final and 76 years since a British man lifted the ultimate trophy. And, it was 1977 when Virginia Wade won the women’s top prize at the tournament.

And, let’s face it, it’s not just in tennis where we’re lacking in gongs. The recent performance of England’s football team in the European Championships was a complete damp squib! 1966 was the last time the team were at the top of their game!

Admittedly, at the last Olympic Games in 2008, we did pretty well in the medal table coming fourth overall with a total of 47 medals, but that still lagged a long way behind Russia’s 73, China’s 100 and the USA’s 110.

Culturally, perhaps, we have tended to be raised in this country to think competitiveness is a little impolite, uncouth even. But maybe it’s time to junk that attitude and to start teaching our kids to focus on their strengths and go all out to win.

Until then, we do hope Andy Murray continues on his path to victory. Wouldn’t it polish off Jubilee year in style to have a home-grown Wimbledon champ?

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Apester Lazyload