Are Yoga Classes Coming To A Waitrose Near You? These Are The Stores Taking Part

As if we needed another reason to love Waitrose...

As well as offering coffee shops and try-before-you-buy wine bars in store, Waitrose are taking their shoppers’ experience to new heights with relaxing evening yoga classes customers can take part in after their weekly shop.

The popular supermarket has announced plans to roll out yoga classes across three of their stores – and at a very reasonable price.

They will be offering £7 classes in their Basingstoke, Newbury and Banbury stores from next week (12th February), which are for people of every level – so you can join whether you’ve practised the discipline before or not.

Customers can also pay £35 for a bulk of six classes, offering a £5 discount. The classes will be taught by qualified instructors.

But where will the actual classes take place? Fear not, you won’t be channelling your zen in the fruit and veg aisle, as Waitrose plans to hold the classes in designated community rooms in their stores, or in the on-site café – dependant on circumstances.

And to make things even more convenient, the store will also provide all mats, so attendees needn’t worry about bring along their own.

Although the yoga lessons will only be available in three stores to begin with, Waitrose plan to roll them out nationwide if the initial classes prove a success. If you want to book yourself in for a class, visit the Waitrose site here.

Interestingly, the Newbury Waitrose is a popular favourite with the Middleton family – with Catherine and her mother Carole having both been spotted shopping in the store in the past. Perhaps they’ll come along?

Of the new yoga classes on offer, Moira Howie, who is nutrition manager at Waitrose revealed her hopes that the combination of Waitrose food and exercise classes will be a winner.

She said, “We know that overall well-being is increasingly important to our customers.

“In addition to eating well they can now relax and enjoy the benefits of yoga in selected Waitrose stores while meeting new people.”

So will you be trying the classes out?

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