The 30/30 Body Blueprint

Break the bad habits of a lifetime with the help of The 30/30 Body Blueprint

Unlimited energy, easy weight loss and an inspiring life – sounds like the stuff of dreams doesn’t it? But according to Tim Drummond and Phil Hawksworth, authors of the best-selling book The 30/30 Body Blueprint (Rethink Press; £12.77), all it takes is 30 minutes for 30 days to completely revolutionise your life.

The 30/30 Body Blueprint dismisses the idea that fitness and diet should rely on will power, and focuses instead on switching bad habits for positive ones. In the words of Tim and Phil, “Will power does not work in losing weight. Habits rule because they work with the way our brains are built, not against it.”

Take 30 minutes every day to implement a practical change recommended by the Body Blueprint. After just 30 days, those changes will become habit.

From prioritising fats over carbohydrates in our daily diet, to switching cardio for weight lifting, healthy eating and effective exercise methods will become second nature. As a result, a healthier, fitter you will become a reality because you stopped seeing life in terms of punishing, short-term diets.

So set aside half an hour, and click through to see which changes you could make today…

Buy The 30/30 Body Blueprint (Rethink Press; £12.77)

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