8 Ways to Boost Your Energy By Changing The Way You Eat

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    Do you spend all day feeling tired and struggle to do even the most simple of tasks? Or perhaps you find your days are filled with highs and lows of energy dips? You’re not alone.

    The All-Day Energy Diet (£12.99; Hay House UK) has been devised by registered holistic nutritionist and renowned fitness expert Yuri Elkaim. He argues that in order for us to increase our energy levels, we need to repair our digestive health. By doing so, we absorb more essential nutrients which gives us more energy.

    ‘Years of stress and bad eating can leave your stomach broken. If you’re suffering from low stomach acid or gut flora, your body lacks the ability to break down anything you eat properly, no matter how healthy it is. Without fixing your digestion, all of the rich minerals and vitamins in your healthy meals will go to waste,’ he explains.

    But don’t fret – in The All-Day Energy Diet are the tips and advice you need to reboot your digestive system and kick start your health. You’ll also learn:

    • Three everyday foods in your kitchen cupboard that are robbing you of your energy.
    • A super simple, 30-second eye exam at home which will reveal your stress score.
    • The number one reason most people feel sick, are overweight and walk around like zombies – and how to fix it.
    • The nine-question test that unveils whether or not your body is digesting food efficiently.
    • The biggest mistake people make when juicing, why is what makes you fat and how to get it right.


Ready? Discover Yuri’s eight top tips to rescue the digestive system, which will boost your energy levels and can even kick-start your weight loss! A healthier you is just a few clicks away…

    Buy The All-Day Energy Diet (£12.99; Hay House UK).

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