The Hot Cross Bun Twist Everyone’s Talking About

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  • We saw it on a TV ad and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Everyone seems to be raving about this new way to eat hot cross buns so we decided to try it for ourselves… We’re talking about hot cross buns with bacon, of course.

    We got the idea from the Sainsbury’s Easter campaign, which suggests swapping out the bread roll from your bacon butty for a hot cross bun. We couldn’t believe we’d never thought to try it before. Now, it has to be said, we were a little sceptical at first. But in theory, it should work – what with that sweet-salty combination; but what about the spices?

    We picked up hot cross buns and smoked bacon (because it’s our favourite!) and thought we’d put this flavour combo to the test.

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    So our hot cross bacon butty looked a little something like this. After looking at it apprehensively for a little while, we braved it and gave it a go. And the verdict…?

    We LOVED it!

    The bacon is so salty and the buns are sweet, they came together perfectly. We even tried it with a little bit of tomato ketchup and that worked well.

    Still skeptical? Just give it a go for Easter brunch – you might be surprised, just like we were!

    If you want to take this one step further, why not try making your own hot cross buns at home? They’ll come out nice and warm, so you might not even want to toast them first if they’re perfectly fluffy. We’ve got a fab recipe for mini chocolate and orange hot cross buns that features everyones favourite flavour combination: chocolate and orange. They’re still just as fruity and delicious as traditional hot cross buns but with a little twist.

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    Happy baking and happy Easter from the woman&home test kitchen!

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