Pancake Day: When is Shrove Tuesday 2017?

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as it’s also known, always lands on the last day before Lent begins. It is the only day when you’ll struggle to find a kitchen in the UK not whisking up eggs, flour and milk. And what more of an excuse do you need to make pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We’ve got everything you need to know about Pancake Day 2017, including why it is celebrated and lots of inspiration for what to cook when the big day comes around.

When is Shrove Tuesday?

This year frying pans all over the country will be launched into action on Tuesday the 28th of February for Pancake Day. The exact date of Shrove Tuesday is determined by Easter, but it always falls in February or March, 40 days before Easter Sunday. One thing’s for certain, households across the UK will be busy whisking together some humble ingredients and smothering them with indulgent sweet or savoury toppings come Feb this year. In 2016 Shrove Tuesday landed on the 9th of February.

Why do we celebrate Pancake Day?

Traditionally, pancakes were made to use up fatty, rich foods like eggs and milk before the fasting season of Lent began to represent Jesus’ time in the dessert before his resurrection at Easter. The word shrove is derived from shrive, the English word that means to present oneself to a priest for confession, penance and absolution.

Although it is commonly regarded as a Christian celebration it is actually thought to have origins in a pagan holiday that celebrated the arrival of spring.

Flipping pancakes is one of the most loved activities of Pancake Day. This tradition is thought to date back to 1445 in the small town of Olney, Buckinghamshire. When the church bell sounded, local housewives would race to the church while holding their frying pans. This race continues to take place today and is famous globally.

Pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes are super simple to make and you’ll probably have the basic ingredients already in your cupboards. If you fancy whipping up a few crepes or a pile of perfect Scotch pancakes then we why not give one of our favourite recipes a go? All the details are below…

Our perfect pancake recipe sets out the quantities needed to make 10 to 12 pancakes but this can easily by scaled up or down depending on how many friends or family you’re feeding, and how much you love pancakes!

Popular toppings include a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar or a drizzle of maple syrup. However, we have several indulgent sweet and savoury recipes that elevate the humble pancake into a delicious meal.

You can plan a whole day of meals featuring pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What better way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

Ham and Cheese Pancakes

Swap your croissant in the morning for these French inspired ham and cheese pancakes. They make a delicious savoury option for breakfast or lunch.

Blueberry and banana pancakes

These blueberry and banana pancakes are a wonderful treat, especially when they are drizzled in our easy-to-make caramel sauce. They are certain to brighten up your morning, or why not try with a scoop of ice-cream for dessert?

Nutella pancake gateau

If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, try this Nutella pancake gateau. It is really simple to make and is perfect with a marmalade sauce for a decadent dessert.

Smoked salmon pancakes

Entertaining on Pancake Day? Try these smoked salmon pancakes with sour cream and “caviar” – your guests are sure to be impressed.

Green herb and cheese pancakes

Don’t miss out on pancakes for dinner and try some of our savoury options. These green herb and Wensleydale pancakes served with spinach will make the perfect supper and only take 20 minutes to cook.

Take a look at all of our pancake recipes for more Pancake Day inspiration!