Give your kitchen a colour boost by updating your kettle and toaster

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Curling up with a good book, the first bite of a hot, buttery crumpet and a soothing cup of tea are all little pleasures that make a day just that bit nicer. However, if your kettle and toaster take ages to work, or are simply showing their age, it might be time for a fresh kitchen update.

Save time with a speedy kettle

No one likes to wait around for water to boil, whether you’re craving chamomile or a milky brew. Fortunately, the Russell Hobbs Colour Plus kettle has a rapid boil that takes just 45 seconds to heat a cup of water. Plus, you never need to boil more water than is necessary as it has a handy widget inside that indicates a fill point for one or two cups, saving up to 70% energy on excess boiling water.

This sleek, stylish kettle is also a splash-free marvel thanks to its perfect pour-spout, and has a removable, washable filter to make sure your cup of tea is limescale-free. Plus, if a crowd of friends drop by, it’ll boil up to six cups – great for making a big round of hot drinks.

But it’s not just about performance. This fab jug kettle comes in a range of eye-catching shades, so is ideal for adding a splash of colour and elegance to your kitchen, brightening it up in an instant.

Perfect toasty treats every time

No one likes charred crumpets, burnt toast or blackened bagels. So, for toast the way you like it plus super-hot good looks, swap your toaster for the Russell Hobbs Colours Plus Toaster. Its wide slots and variable width function easily adjust to take thick doorstep slices, fruity teacakes or oversized bread, and works 50% faster so you can be sitting down with your toasted treats in a flash.

A clever Lift & Look feature means you can keep an eye on what’s cooking without having to stop toasting, plus it also has a defrost function so you can use bread straight from the freezer.

It’s perfect as a quick style update for your kitchen, too. Never mind what bread to toast, your hardest decision will be choosing which luscious glossy shade is your favourite – on-trend grey, red, cream, or simply classic black. Now that’s one of life’s little pleasures.

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