3 Drinks Real Dads Want For Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day on the 19 June, and there’s no better way to thank Dad (or your partner) than with a bottle. Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for, so why not save yourself the hassle (and spare him yet another World’s Best Dad mug) and buy him his favourite drink. That, with a card, and he’s sure to be happy.

Don’t believe us? We asked 3 daddy bloggers what they would love to receive for Father’s Day this year, and their responses might surprise you. They don’t want bottles of the finest Scotch whisky, nor are they after expensive bottles of fizz. A craft ale, it seems, and they’ll be happy… It just goes to show that it’s the thought that counts, right?

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So, here’s what we found when we asked the daddy bloggers what they want for Father’s Day this year…

1. The cool ale

Blogger Dave is father to a toddler (pictured together below) and writes a personal blog, The DADventurer. For Father’s Day, he’s hoping for an Indian Pale Ale and he singled out Brewdog’s Punk IPA. He says: “After only really drinking fruity ciders for the last 10 years, my
tastes have recently changed. Out are the bottles of strawberry and lime
cider and in are IPAs.

“I’m still figuring out which
IPAs I like, so am taking the opportunity to add a couple of different
ones every time we do a supermarket shop. Clever, eh?! If I had to
recommend an IPA, I quite like BrewDog’s Punk IPA and Totem from our
local Haresfoot Brewery.”

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2. The posh red wine

Dad blogger Tom, a father of 3, is hoping for is a bottle of Saint-Émilion and the reason might surprise you… Tom told us: “My parents
own a house nearby and I have many happy memories of sitting in their
garden on warm evenings with a glass (or 3!). Unfortunately, I haven’t
been able to get there much since becoming a Dad, so that would be a
lovely gift.”

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3. The holiday lager

Blogger Andy, who has a toddler, has a sentimental reason behind his pick. What
would he like for Father’s Day? “Possibly a combination of a sunny day
and a crate of Gambrinus,” he says. “Gambrinus is a beer that I remember being
available all over the place in Czech Republic, but it’s sadly rare to find
in the UK. While the beer itself is crisp, refreshing, and easy to
drink, I guess I also drink it for the memories. The drink brings back
memories of my wife-to-be and I getting together in Prague, which was
followed by returning for a honeymoon. There are memories of exploring
the old city, meeting good people and enjoying the sight of the sun
setting over the river flowing through the gorgeous city.”

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