How To Find The Perfect Shop For Your Body Shape

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  • Don't spend hours trawling the high street; instead use our guide to find the one shop that suits your body shape

    We love shopping; most of the time. And then there are the times that no matter where you look or what you try, everything seems to look terribly drab and ill-fitting. It is not the best feeling , but don’t fret; you’re not the only one and we are here to help.

    Instead of spending hours upon hours in the wrong shops, trying on the wrong styles and shapes, read our guide on how to shop for your body shape and find the one high street store that’s most flattering for your shape. Whether you’re a pear, apple or hourglass shape, there’s a shop for you stocked with piles of clothes that’ll suit your figure perfectly.

    Rather than focusing on the area of your body you don’t like, your tummy, thighs or arms, and hiding them under smock-shaped tops and baggy, loose clothing, you should accentuate your best bits and balance your shapeliness. Every woman deserves to feeling confident and gorgeous, and the easiest way to do so is to know what really suits you.

    Mastering out how to shop for your body shape will take time and perseverance but rest assured you’ll be delighted with the results once you’ve invested the time. It’ll make for hours of stress-free shopping and years of easy, well-fitting outfits.

    This will be especially important on outfits for occasions and events. Knowing that you can rely on one shop to have something that will fit perfectly while creating items in your personal style and taste, will relieve you of all that outfit worry.

    Dressing a bigger lower half can be problematic with the current trends for skinny trousers and cropped tops. Leave those looks alone and opt for ladylike elegance instead. L.K.Bennett have a beautiful range of figure-flattering separates, fluted skirts and form-fitting dresses that will accentuate a smaller waist and skim over a larger bum.