The Regal Accessory That’s Having A Revival

It’s been a while (decades!) but brooches have finally shaken off their stuffy connotations and are making a comeback. The reason behind the resurgance? Hot, young London Fashion Week designers, like Christopher Kane, sending them down the catwalks earlier this year, mainly. Since then celebrities have been pinning them to their shirt collars, off-duty models have been nestling them in their messy up-dos, and bloggers are adorning their bags and belts with them.

Of course The Royals never stopped wearing brooches. The royal trend that passes down through generations, adding a brooch to an outfit for an offical engagement or an overseas tour is a fashion trick that has spanned from the Queen to Camilla, and on to the Duchess of Cambridge.

But it was The Duchess of Cambridge’s pin of choice during the 2016 royal tour of Canada that really made people stop and think about this trend again. 

The pretty 11-point maple leaf brooch belongs to the Queen, and was owned by the Queen’s mother before that. It has been a regular feature of royal Canada tour wardrobes ever since.

Queen Elizabeth’s Canadian Maple-leaf brooch was created by Asprey & Co London in 1939. The brooch was given to the Queen by George VI, to mark their State Visit to Canada that same year.

It was then loaned to The Queen (when she was still Princess Elizabeth) for her first visit to Canada in 1951.

A family of traditions, the Queen later sentimentally loaned the maple leaf brooch to The Duchess of Cambridge, when she first visited Canada with Prince William in 2011. The official overseas trip was Kate’s very first royal tour after marrying Prince William in April of that year.

Besides the royal obsession with ornate brooches, or this accessory’s inanate ability to complete a look, we also love that a brooch is a truly ageless piece. As demonstrated by the timeless maple leaf brooch cherished by the royal family, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 21 or 75, it’s a chic way to finish an outfit.

So, whether you like vintage or contemporary styles – there’s a pin for everyone. On board? Here’s our edit of the best way to incooporate brooches into your wardrobe…


1. Position Them To Emphasise A Detail

As the royal family knows, brooches are a great way of drawing attention to an interesting design detail. But they’re also a great way to create the illusion of an interesting design detail. Pin a brooch to the collar or cuff of a plain shirt and suddenly your outfit feels more high-end than high street.

Look for styles that are asymmetric because they’ll be more versatile. This firefly design by fashion editors fave Mawi, will look just a divine placed horizontally along a pocket opening as it would vertically on a collar.

Gold, light pink and pearly white brooch by Chanel

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2. Place Them In Clusters

Wearing a cluster of brooches or pins is probably the most fashionable way to wear the accessory at the moment. Placing 3-7 brooches together (odd numbers look best) is a simple yet effective way of glitzing up an eveyday winter outfit.

Astley Clark is your go-to brand here. They recently added a range of affordable (prices start from £35) yet beautiful, dainty pins to their collection that look wonderful mixed and matched. Lined up they look sharp and chic, placed haphazardly they look eclectic and cool. Try them along a pocket edge or pepper the brim of your hat. We particularly like the Intrepid Explorer set of 3, each pin is studded with white sapphires!

Intrepid Explorer Biography Pin Set, Astley Clarke

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 3. Put Them In Unexpected Places

Whoever said wearing a brooch has to be limited to your chest? 2016 is the year that the brooch reinvented itself. Wearing one as a hairpiece (by pinning it onto a ponytail or into an updo) makes for an elegant and unique look. Or think outside the box and pin them to your shoes and bags.

Beetle Gold-Tone Swarovski Crystal Brooch, Marc Jacobs

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Tempted to roadtest this trend? Try a bold, shape like this beetle brooch. It will look just as lovely peeking from a chignon as it would winking from the front of a pair of black pumps. Just make sure you secure them tightly!