Skincare Lessons From Our Nordic Neighbours

Our latest skincare obsession? Natural and organic skincare from Scandinavia...

Gripping TV dramas, impeccable style, minimalist design – is there anything from Scandinavia that we’re not currently obsessed with? Well it’s time to add something else to the list – porcelain, blemish-free complexions.

Scandinavian women are famous for their flawless skin, which isn’t just down to a healthy lifestyle. Using largely organic and natural ingredients, Scandinavian skincare products are giving these already beautiful women glowing, radiant complexions – and we want them too!

But there’s no need to pine after their gorgeous and flawless skin from afar. Luckily, our beauty market is catching up with all things Scandi as more and more of these covetable buys are becoming available in the UK. Antioxidant rich and packed full of vitamins, these Scandinavian skincare products are the healthy eating plan for your complexion.

Get in on the action and browse seven of our favourite Scandinavian skincare (and haircare) buys to wash up on British shores this year.

We’re currently obsessed with Skyn Iceland – an organic Scandinavian skincare brand that uses has natural, kind-to-skin ingredients designed to solve all your skin woes. This skin-boosting brand has been around for years but only recently became available for us to buy at Marks and Spencer.

We especially love their specially formulated serum that reverses the damaging signs of stress – for just £40. The unique plant peptides in the Skyn Iceland Arctic Elixir, one of which is known as ‘plant collagen’, can repair damaged cells, reducing wrinkles by up to 50% and wiping out the signs of a stressful lifestyle. The other plant peptide is a raspberry extract, full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness that will soothe stressed-out skin, eradicating puffiness and bloated or red skin. Snap it up now and see results within 21 days!

Keep reading to discover more Scandinavian skincare buys that will transform your beauty routine…

Apester Lazyload