Bob hairstyles: Update Your Look With An A-list

Update a classic bob with one of these red carpet twists for spring 2015

1 May 2015

Hairdresser to the stars, George Northwood has created the UK’s first Bob Bar in association with Redken. It boasts a menu of his famous face-framing bob hairstyles to choose from and a matching wig for each, so you can try before you chop – essential if you are lopping it all off for the first time or are thinking of venturing away from your usual cut.

Despite the old wives tale that bob hairstyles is ageing, cuts above the shoulders can actually knock years off, you only have to look at his recent restyle for Zoe Ball for proof.

Regardless of age, hair colour or face shape “we are all just a bob away from brilliance” according to George.

Read on to choose your favourite…

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