7 Secrets For Ageless Hair

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    17 February 2015

    When Charlize Theron, 39 stepped onto the red carpet last night to support partner Sean Penn’s latest film, we were in awe of this beautifully tousled bob which took years off her. Free-flowing and elegant, it’s a nod to the current ‘understyled’ hair trend which is sweeping the red carpet.

    Our hair is one of the first things other people notice about us, so a head of healthy looking locks is key when it comes to ageless beauty. If your hair has thinned, broken or lost it’s natural shine as you’ve aged, we have the know-how to help you knock ten years off your look too.

    There are so many new hair remedies on the market to help with all of the problems our hair experiences as we age. From cutting-edge tools which will give you a salon blow-dry at home, to treatments for thinning hair and daily supplements that will prevent damage, it is possible for us all to have thicker healthy head of hair, whatever our age.

    It could even be as simple as washing your hair less frequently or using a keratin shampoo, which hair scientists have found is the quickest way to replenish our hair’s natural protein – which is vital to help keep your hair youthful for longer.

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