10 Hairstyles To Look 10 Years Younger

Try these anti-ageing hairstyles to knock 10 years off your look

Hold off on the wealth of anti-ageing face creams available! It’s time to head to the salon instead, because we’ve discovered 10 hairstyles to look 10 years younger.

Whatever your face shape or hair texture, there are plenty of small (and a few drastic) changes you can make to instantly knock years off your look. It might be as simple as changing your parting, deciding to have a fringe, choosing softer-coloured hair highlights or trying a new hair mask to give your locks a healthier shine.

We’ve spoken to the experts and looked to the stars for inspiration to find our favourite youth-enhancing hairstyles – there are long bobs, short angled bobs, subtle waves, shaggy layers and long layers. But whatever haircut you choose, make sure that you go back to the salon for regular trims and that you use the right products to keep your tresses looking nice and glossy. Nothing is as ageing as dry, frizzy and straggly locks.

But it’s not always the haircut that can take years off your look. Sometimes, just subtly changing your colour can be a quick and easy trick to look younger.

Lightening hair one or two shades from its base colour, for example, is more flattering as we age. Ask for highlights at the front, where the sun naturally lightens your tresses. The caramel highlights pictured here are very flattering, for example, and would suit those who normally have medium or rich brunette colouring. You could even throw in a long fringe for instant Botox!

Look after your new colour by drenching hair in Kérastase Reflection Masque Chroma Riche twice a week to keep it soft and supple.

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Hair by Rae Palmer