Sick of razor bumps and ingrown hairs? This Amazon product is the perfect remedy

Did we mention it's under $10?

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As spring arrives it's time to put away our winter clothes and pull out our best spring dresses and best jeans to show off our favorite soft pastels and florals.

Since the weather will be warming up, we'll have to de-layer and sport our favorite shorter clothes (hello bathing suit season). For some of us, that means our razors will be getting a lot more use and ingrown hairs will start ruining our soft bikini smooth skin.

Rather than accept defeat, Amazon shoppers have found this must-have beauty tool that will help erase ingrown hairs and butt acne. 

Dylonic Exfoliating Brush

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The Dylonic Exfoliating Brush will help smooth and soften any skin type from sensitive to dry. Using the tiny super fine bristles to gently exfoliate the skin to rid and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You can use the brush on wet or dry skin, and it even comes with two complimentary face scrubbers to help clean and nourish your skin.

If you're worried about getting those hard-to-reach areas, the brush uses an ergonomic design to help you reach every nook and cranny. Reviewers also recommend using it before and after shaving for the best results. Since it's also made with non-porous silicone, you don’t have to worry about building bacteria. Simply wash the brush with soap and water, and it'll stay clean.

Amazon reviewers cannot stop praising its effects, even claiming they “haven’t had an ingrown hair” since they began using it regularly.

“First time ever getting a Brazilian wax and a week later I had a horrible, absolute worst case of ingrown hairs,” one reviewer wrote. “I thought I was having an allergic reaction for how bad it was. Found this product and started using it every time I shower. Not a problem since!” 

Another reviewer even noticed her skin becoming "happier" since incorporating this into her skincare routine.

"I mainly used this for general face and body exfoliation," they wrote. "It’s made a huge difference in my skincare routine, and I love that the nubbies are soft and the smaller brushes are SUPER soft, but they reach in so deep and are so strong. They’re a major game-changer for me. Zero ingrown hairs, less razor rash, and wayyyyyyy happier skin!"

Rylee Johnston
Rylee Johnston

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