5 Ways Ice Can Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Your next big beauty secret is already sitting in your kitchen. Discover how ice can prep skin for makeup, seal pores and boost radiance.

Like many effective beauty solutions, your key to de-puffed contours, soothed under-eyes and tighter pores can be found in a corner of your kitchen. It’s ice. Yes, the sub-zero stuff you throw in your drink, massage over gym-induced bruises and – now – smooth across you skin to achieve that much-coveted glow.

Supermodels and Hollywood royalty alike have lauded ‘icing’ their skin as an SOS anti-ageing fix for when they want to look more awake. It’s a little Joan Crawford in the opening scene of Mommie Dearest, but the likes of Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista have said it works wonders on their complexions.

However, while treating skin straight from the cube offers its own raft of benefits, you can upgrade the chill by harnessing clever, frozen gadgets and popsicles for your pores. Also known as Cryotherapy – meaning cold cure or cold therapy – experts claim that the practice can reduce the appearance of pores, combat wrinkles, tone skin and prep your face for makeup.

There are many ways to incorporate ice into your daily beauty routine, the easiest and cheapest seeing you simply rub a cube across your face. Instantly soothing on stuffy, hot skin, you can upgrade the invigorating boost by freezing your favourite toner or essence into clever, supercharged cubes.

So, are you sold on the idea of an ice facial? Before you dash to the freezer, read our round up of the many ways you can embrace the freeze for clearer, calmer and brighter skin…