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Reshape your life...

It's about an attitude, not perfection. 

I've been travelling around the UK recently, talking to women just like you. I came away with fab ideas for w&h and enjoyed every minute of your company. The July issue's theme, Reshape Your Life, came from you.

You talked about finding new strategies to free yourself from guilt, stress, body hang-ups and, yes, clutter.

Inspired by this, we asked five women how they felt about their bodies in the July issue. They come in every shape and size, yet they've all learned to love their bodies. Maybe it comes with age, with being loved or just being happy within yourself - but it's definitely a defining moment.

That doesn't mean we're not willing to invest in our health and be proactive, so that's why we're feeling inspired by our healthy eating plan and our summer dress workout.

Pick up your July issue now and feel good...

What does living well actually mean?

For me, it's not a question of indulging in the finer things in life (although we all enjoy a nice glass of wine sometimes!) Or about how much money we make (because we all know that doesn't make us truly happy).

But it's about finding balance in our lives, enjoying those special moments and looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. And, above all else, it's about feeling happy. Don't you think?

That's why we asked you about the things that bring a smile to your face in our Happiness Survey. Sunshine, friendships and the smell of the sea came out as your favourite mood boosters, as well as getting a good night's sleep! I'm with you on that one!

One of the things that has fulfilled me recently is becoming a grandmother - spending time with Sam and seeing him smile always makes me happy.

Let me know your shortcuts to a smile below.

An exciting day for me

Let's just say, it was not your average Monday morning. It's not too often that you are summoned to Number 10, so when I arrived there last month, having spent the weekend scouring the newspapers, tuning in to rolling news bulletins and social media to prepare for my interview with the Prime Minister, I was ready for anything.

Although it wasn't my first visit, it was my first interview with the Prime Minister and I was excited to be there to talk to him on behalf of you, our readers, and ask him the questions you've told me are on your mind.

As well as questions about Conservative
Party policy on immigration, the health service and our economy, I
also wanted him to reveal his more personal side. And he gave me an
interesting insight in to life behind-the-scenes at Number 10 which has
already been picked up by BBC News, The Daily Mail, The Times and The Guardian.

I asked him if Samantha, his wife who is famously stylish, bought his off-duty clothes.

'Samantha has extremely good taste', he said. 'And I'm not really interested in clothes; mainly I like wearing clothes that don't make me stand out - I tend to go for Marks and Spencer and Gap - and I do get put in the changing room at Gap and clothes passed to me under the changing room door - a bit like feeding time at the zoo!'

Read my full interview with PM David Cameron in w&h April - out now


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