Fairy Platinum: your free sample

Closing date: Midnight, Thu 1st October, 2009

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Here's your chance to try Fairy Platinum on your favourite recipes that are the toughest dishes to clean afterwards. Classic recipes like lasagne, casseroles, roasts and pies are great family favourites, but the dishes can be so tough to get clean afterwards. The Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablet is so powerful that it will leave both your dishes and your dishwasher clean. The dual liquid tab works in two ways. The green bit cuts through tough grease, and the blue bit gives your dishwasher a powerful clean with each wash so it works at its best. Keep your kitchen at professional standard with Fairy Platinum. Your free sample: Fairy is offering womanandhome.com visitors the chance to sample Fairy Platinum for free. Try Fairy Platinum on your favourite dishes that are just so hard to clean. Sign up for your free sample of Fairy Platinum now!