Pimm's With A Kick


Put a twist on the classic Pimm's recipe by adding a splash of gin and tonic, plus refreshing lime and fresh strawberries for a simple summer cocktail to serve a crowd

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  • Serves A jug or glass

  • Total time 5 mins

  • Skill level Easy


  • 1 part Pimm's
  • 2 parts tonic water
  • Slug of gin
  • Ice
  • Limes, sliced
  • Strawberries, sliced


The great thing about this easy cocktail recipe is that you can easily scale it up or down, depending on how many people you'll be sharing with


Once the clocks go forward and we can drink in a pub garden again (even with a jacket and scarf), then itís basically Pimmís season.

Classic Pimmís and lemonade is popular for a reason but sometimes itís fun to switch things up with a simple Pimmís cocktail recipe, especially if youíre throwing a summer party or barbecue and want to crank things up a notch. Our Pimmís with a kick is made with tonic water instead of lemonade, to give it a sharper, more sophisticated edge. Of course, it wouldnít be right to have tonic without gin, so weíve added a dash of Motherís Ruin for good measure.

Swapping lemonade for tonic water makes this drink more grown-up and less sweet. Instead of the usual orange and cucumber, weíve added limes and strawberries, to keep things fruity but not too sweet. This zesty cocktail recipe is perfect for serving with nibbles or with barbecue recipes like Asian-style prawn skewers or chicken drumsticks marinated in coconut and lime. 

If youíre looking for a no-stress cocktail recipe for summer, then this is the one for you. Not only do you not need any specialist cocktail making equipment, but you can easily scale up the recipe. Make it a few hours ahead and chill in the fridge in big pitchers until needed. Serve over ice in high-ball glasses for a simple summer drink. 

Fancy making our Pimmís with a kick? Just get your ingredients ready and follow our quick and easy recipe below. It couldnít be easier. 

How To Make Pimm's With a Kick

1. Mix one part Pimm's to two parts tonic water.
 2. Add a slug of gin, plus lots of ice, slices of lime and strawberries and serve in a jug.