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Thread: Have you ever been flashed at by a pervert ?

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    Senior Member Cakelover's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Ayr, United Kingdom

    Have you ever been flashed at by a pervert ?

    Visiting a friend in Northwood in 1973 I took my 3 year old, my 1 year old and my friends 3 month old baby for a walk in the woods, while she and her husband went to a wedding. About 15 minutes in we came to a clearing where I let the 3 year old play football with me as the babies both slept in the pram.
    After about 10 minutes I heard a loud crack as someone stood on something in the woods. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw a man standing at the edge of the woods flashing at me.
    I walked quickly to the 3 year old, lifted him onto the pram and walked back, but this meant walking right through the woods and I had no idea where he was by then. I was terrified he would jump out at me from behind a tree.
    I had not seen a single other person the whole time I had been out.
    It was not the fear of attack that got me so much as the fear for the children.
    Fortunately nothing happened and I went into the first house and called the Police. I don't think I could have described him as all I felt was panic and the need to get away.
    I never heard any more about it.
    Have you had a bad experience too ?

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    Oct 2011
    Hi Cakie, had an experience many years ago in Blytheswood Suqare, Glasgow, running to catch the train after Civil Service Secretarial Course training. Man on opposite side of street smiling at me. Ignored him so he crossed to my side of the street and jumped out onto the pavement in front of me. He was wearing a military style raincoat and nothing underneath so I had full view of his nether regions when he flashed at me. Had the shock of my life! Initially I was scared but after moving out of his way I took off at speed and ran all the way to the train station giggling. It was broad daylight!

    Had another nasty experience or rather a few of them (stalker) when dating my OH. This guy would lunge at my ankles from behind and knock me down then take off. I cornered him one day in the Bookies where he ran into after doing it yet again, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and told him I'd report him. Went to counter in Bookies and asked to use the phone to call the cops but they wouldn't let me for security purposes so spent my lunch hour trying to find a call box to call them. To cut to the chase, turned out he was a pervert who lived up the street from my parents and he could see me every time (night or day) when I left the house to go catch the bus to visit OH.

    Came home one evening and being aware he could be around I ran from the bus stop to our home and three drunks appeared in front of me singing "We all live in a yellow submarine." The one in the middle threw his arms out to give me a cuddle so I lifted my telescopic umbrella and whacked him across the head while telling him to go somewhere at the same time!

    The only other traumatic experience I had was when I was eleven years old and very naive but I don't like to talk about it as it was more sinister and has left it's mark on me.

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    Senior Member PLASMO's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Littleover, Derbyshire
    Hi Cakie,

    What an awful experience, so glad you were okay.

    Not exactly flashed at............ in that I did not see anything inappropriate, if you know what I mean, but a very frightening experience none the less......

    I was staying with my parents, we had just returned from a trip abroad, and we were going to stay with them for a week or two, whilst our married quarter was ready for us to occupy.

    It was a Sunday afternoon, and my mother had run out of something that she needed for our lunch, so I volunteered to go to the little corner shop, which was about a five minute walk away, this was broad daylight at about 11.30 in the morning.

    I was on my way home after getting my purchase, and as I proceeded to go home, I noticed a man walking towards me, did not take any particular notice of him, when he was alongside me, so to speak, he just grabbed me, and pushed me against this wall of a house......... he did not have time to do anything untoward because I kicked him right where it would hurt, and he ran away..........

    How I got home, I do not know, because I was so shaken........

    When I arrived home, my parents were so worried, as apparently I was as white as a sheet, and could not stop shaking for ages afterwards. My father called the police straightaway.

    Nasty experience, only the one, thank goodness.


    Somedays, you just have to create your own sunshine......

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    Feb 2013
    Suffolk Coast
    I have been flashed 3 times Cakie, the first time in the centre of Athens with my friend, the second time in a park, was reading my book in my lunchbreak looked up and across the other side there was a man having a Tom tank, third time a man was sitting in his car called me over asking for directions when I got there flies undone standing to attention!

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    Senior Member rosacarol's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Yes, just after we got our first dog. I was walking her round a local park, and there was a man leaning against the fence of the tennis courts. I didn't pay much attention to him, but as I started walking along the path round one side of the tennis court, he walked round the other side and sat on a bench by the side of the path in front of me. As I walked towards him, I realised that his trousers were open and he was...um...manipulating things.

    I just turned away, went straight home and called the police. That park was used as a cut-through by girls from the local Grammar school, and I thought the police ought to know that he was there.

    The dog we had then was just a little brown mongrel. I wonder if he'd have been as daring if I'd been walking the two huge dogs I've got now!
    The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog. Rosa xx

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    Senior Member sarah65's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Hi Ladies,
    Yes when I was at High School
    We used to walk over the canal
    bridge down into the park and he would hide behind the hedge and
    jump out flash and back in the hedge he did eventually get caught.

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    Senior Member MummyHen's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    N. Yorks
    Hi Cake, Yes, unfortunately I've been flashed a couple of times,; both in woods, which was pretty scary as I was alone each time. Like Margaret, I also had a more traumatic experience when I was 13, which had an effect on me that stays with me to this day. If a man of a certain age flirts or comes on to me, I freeze him out immediately x

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    May 2011
    Yes I have, 3/4 times actually.... twice in a local park, luckily I was with 2 big dogs Nellie & Rex! and once aged 16, like Alba a guy pulled up in car to ask the way, I lent down and guess what he had in his hand??? the worse time was aged 11, a neighbour , I'd known him and his family a long time, they worked for our landlords at the time, he called me into the garden to see his Tortoises!! - but he had other things on his mind, he asked me if I want to play Dr's & Nurses...said he had a pain in he groin that needed rubbing!!! I felt immediately threatened so stood up and said I'm going home... he said don't tell anyone and I give you a tortoise!!! - I went home told my mum and she said ' do not tell your dad!!! ' She told my older brothers! they sorted him out ...but I heard 2 years afterwards he was imprisoned for assaulting 2 girls in a local park, he did 18 month inside, I wish my mum had told the Police and it may have stopped him doing anymore harm to girls.. although I expect not , as 8 years on my Sisters kids ( they had moved into our old flat) were approached by him to go and see his birds!!...luckily they came to their mum and told her, as we had warned them all about this freak!!!...police called and him taken away again!!! Much later maybe 10 years after I first had this nightmare with him, he knocked at my sisters door at 11.30pm.... drunk asking if she needed company, she lived alone with 2 kids....Police called again... how he ever got away with living in the area I will never know! I expect most of us here have similar stories of men 'flashing' .... worrying isn't it???
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    Senior Member Dogsbody's Avatar
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    May 2011
    When I was 10 or 11 my friend and I were walking my dog in the woods near our homes when we came across a man who flashed us, although he didn't approach us any further. We weren't supposed to be in the woods, only in the recreation ground on the other side of the road, so we decided not to tell our parents, but my friend did and of course the police got involved. Some time later I was walking my dog along a nearby road when I passed a dustcart and recognised one of the dustmen as the flasher, and told my parents. I had to go out in an unmarked police car with a very nice policewoman and we went past a dustcart - obviously they had already done their detective work - and I pointed him out. He was taken to court and we had to go, but he admitted it so we didn't get called.

    About 30 years ago I was again dog walking with a friend when one of a group of young boys on the other side of the road flashed us - obviously for a dare - I just told him that if that was all he'd got he'd better put it away in case it got lost - I don't think I'd have the nerve to say that now!
    Friends are the family you choose for yourself.

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    Senior Member VenetianLady's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Near Lichfield
    I'm so sorry, but I know a really funny true story about flashers, so it always comes to mind!

    My friend's great aunt and her friend were walking back from Bingo one winter's evening many years ago when a car pulled up next to them. The fellow had a map on his lap, then he lifted it up and they saw him exposed in all his glory.

    They elderly ladies went round to my friend's house, who lived nearby, and she called the police. A young fresh-faced police came round and interviewed the 2 old dears, cleared his throat, blushed and asked "Did the gentleman have an erection?", whereupon Gt-Aunt looked at her friend and said "No, I think it was an Avenger like our Harold's, wasn't it?". The embarrassed young copper wrote something in his note book and rapidly moved the conversation on!

    I'd love to know what he wrote in his notebook!
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