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Thread: Racism on Big Brother

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    Senior Member tuzanne's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Billericay, Essex, UK

    Racism on Big Brother

    Yet again some poor woman accused of being a racist because she was asked what type of men did she fancy and she said that she liked dark men, meaning latin types not black men. She was obviously explaining her definition of "dark". The other very spoilt girl then accused her of being a racist bitch and BB called her in to have a warning for using inappropriate language. Did anyone else see this and what did you think? I personally did not think this was racist to express a sexual preference. I prefer tall fair headed types and my best mate always went for the dark men like latins or arabs. This does not make me racist as I have never discriminated against anyone because of their colour. BB is just being careful because of all the bad press they got in previous shows and I feel that they have put this woman in a very difficult position when she gets out.

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    Senior Member KarinaKiwi's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    New Zealand
    I remember years ago in London in the mid 80's it was not appropriate to have a Golliwog Toy. Why not? We are not all pc robots and I thought the toy was harmless and cute even.

    We had an American tourist a few years back saying Kiwis are racist as in the shops here you can buy Eskimo Pies which are a rectangle of icecream dipped in chocolate and you can eat them straight out of the freezer by slipping them up in their packet like you would say a Magnum on a stick or you can put them between two pink wafers like a sandwich. Also we have children's sweets which are made out of extra firm marshmallow like mallowpuff sweets only long and fingerlike with a face on them and called Eskimo lollies. Quite harmless and tasty too.

    Well apparently in the States it is an offence to say the word Eskimo. Here we do not mean any disrespect we love people from Iceland and Greenland and Alaska or wherever dressed up in fluffy jackets and living in igloos and we would go out of our way to go and photograph them.

    No pleasing some! K

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    Senior Member Zoe M's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    The rules change so often Ive got no idea what is or isnt PC...

    We were told that describing someone as black was racist so we had to say coloured, now I said that recently and was accused of being racist because the proper word was once again black , then there the sub devisons of black, afro carribean, black african, and several others before you even get near any other Asian ethicity its a minefield and its ineviatable that you will upset someone..

    So before you ask Im Anglo /Celtic/ Gaelic but my nationality is something else entirely..
    Strangly I never see my ethic box on a form so I always have to tick 'other' Im not just going to be lumped in there with all those white folks ya know!

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    Senior Member chilla's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Plain silly tuzanne - a sexual preference is innate - I'm with you, I mostly prefer blondes, with an exception ofr Pierce Brosnan, that isn't racism, just what you fancy.

    I remember an MP got into trouble a few years ago because he described someone as coloured, but he was a similar age to my Mum and that was the polite word when she grew up. You really do have to look and see if there is an intention to be rude or cause offence with the words used, or if it's just someone's way of speaking.
    Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Able but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Neither able or willing? Then why call him god? Epicurus

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    Senior Member Mildred Moron's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    I saw it Tuzanne and absolutely ridiculous. Think this is taking things to extreme...next I won't be able to say I like men, as it will be 'politically incorrect'.
    My OH was dark haired but still like Rod, so guess I like all men
    You're in my heart, You're in my soul

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    Senior Member GeniB's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Sounds like it was deliberate Tuzanne...to cause a scene and be noticed....diss the other woman etc...I am guessing we are not talking of a whole box of brains in BB are we (never watch it)

    If I remember Zoe People of colour (yikes) are called Allochtone in NL?...The reason my YD was finally denied a job there...they couldn't think of any other way to say no...except the job had been advertised for over six months(not true it turned out ..but what the heh) and so it had to be offered to an 'allochtone'....Now if thats not racicist I dont know what is...but then she was white so thats not allowed.....So from that example we can see its all become ridiculous ...I absolutely agree that a culture does not wish to remain associated with derogatory terms ...like n.....er....and Kaffer....in NL..Ne....er.(I believe they still sell marshmallows covered in chocolate as Ne....er Kops (heads) and great slabs of meringues in baskets as
    j....den...Vet.(fat) I was appalled when I saw that...As there were very few of either race in the country 30 yrs ago they thought nothing of it...shocked me....Zoe maybe you know if they have gone from the supermarkets and the sweet shops now ? I do hope so....Like everything though it can become a weapon of choice to sling mud at someone...I have banged on occasionally about being pulled up for being a 'Northerner? by people from other parts of the UK..Its something I have learned to be less sensitive about...Its the other persons failure of manners ....are we getting a bit too 'witch huntery' in the UK now I wonder? GeniB
    People will forget what you said..People will forget what you did..but ..People will never forget how you made them feel !

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    Senior Member Zoe M's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    @GeniB the n**er zoenen are now just called zoenen (kisses) Ive never seen the j**den vet but J*den koeken are still sold and of course Zwarte Piet still accompanies St Nicolaas ....
    Ive also been told that I dont count as a minority and when I asked why the person stuttered and said ' because youre not ...you know ..not ..well youre white'!
    In this town English is a minority I dont know of more than 6 or 7 other than my own family....

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2011
    I did not see this but suspect it is an attempt to boost the viewing figures.

    I too have a personal preference for a certain physical type. MM / Chilla - I leave all the blondes to you. Am I racist because I prefer latin looks or is it just that opposites attract? Current OH (I say that to keep him on his toes) is Lebanese. Admittedly it does make me laugh when certain people in local shops speak to him V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y as he has a foreign accent and "obviously" can't understand english.

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    Senior Member woolie's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    South Africa
    On my posts I really can't call a native/black person coloured, because there are coloured people here in S. Africa who were originally a result of a union between a black person and a white person. Black people didn't live in this area then, but up country and further North. White men came in their boats and let us say 'mingled' with the black women after so many months at sea. So, it is perfectly o.k. to say black or native here. Though they are not native to Cape Provence - we just had the Strandlopers which were a bit like the San or bushman. They ate mainly fish and molluscs, and lived in caves. We have such a cave in Fish Hoek.

    As for racism, a very emotive issue. I have never been racist, and I think coming from England and having a coloured and black friend there had something to do with it. I never really thought about colour.

    What I know after years of living here is that one cannot possibly be racist to a white, but it is all too easy to be thought to be racist to a black. This black race card is so regularly used it is not true, and most often with no real basis, but to gain sympathy or to get what they want. That is all I really have to say regarding that.

    As for preference for a physical type, don't you think that we often look for somebody a bit like ourselves? I have always gone for men with dark hair, not too thin, (nor too fat), and with dark eyes which sparkle. I have never been attracted to blonde men.
    Faith is your guide in the absence of knowledge...woolie x

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    Senior Member Zib's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I once asked an acquaintance who lived in Hawaii if she was native Hawaiian and she jumped all over me for using the word "native" and then went on to explain she was mainland-born and 1/8 American Indian and perhaps that's why I thought she was "native" yada yada yada, all with attitude and political correctness.

    Finally, she stopped to take a breath.

    Um, all I meant was were you born in the state, as I'm considered a native Californian.

    I'm always glad that there are no cameras or microphones in the house when we are watching sports as I will always comment on bad-boy behavior as just that saying, "that boy's in trouble" and I say it about all players, but am aware that someone would decide I'm a racist as they'd only hear me say it about a black player and never about a white one.

    BTW, Karina, I was curious if Eskimo Pies were now called something else in the US, so checked Wikipedia. Apparently your loud tourist was a Canadian, as the incident is cited there. Canadians more commonly use the term Inuit than Americans.

    News headlines were made in New Zealand after a female Inuk tourist from Canada alleged that the use of 'Eskimo' was racially insulting The allegation was not positively received in New Zealand and both the manufacturer and Cadbury Pascall, who produce the similarly named Eskimo marshmallow sweets, commented there were no plans to either rename the products or cease production.

    Cheers from Reno, Nevada

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