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Thread: How do I create a shabby chic kitchen table?

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    How do I create a shabby chic kitchen table?

    Does anyone know the best way to go about creating a shabby chic kitchen table? Do I just sand the table and chairs and paint the bits I want white ie the table legs and chairs (apart from the seat) and it's done? Or do I need to prime the wood and seal it with something?

    It's the first time I will have restored my old furniture (as you can tell from my questions above, ha, ha) but I've seen what I want in a local shop for over £400! So I thought instead of paying for something already done I would be smart and use my current table and chairs, which I might add is exactly the same as the set in the shop apart from it doesn't currently have painted legs or chairs. My OH seems to think we just sand it and paint the bits we want painted in cream eggshell paint but I'm sure there is more to it than this.... isn't there?

    It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has tried a project like this....

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    Re: How do I create a shabby chic kitchen table?

    Hi Jums

    I'd like to paint some bedroom furniture - bit of a big project for me to start at the moment, but when I was looking around I found this site. Hope it helps:


    Let us know how it goes.
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    Re: How do I create a shabby chic kitchen table?

    Hi I have painted loads of stuff over the years and it has always turned out okay. I think your OH is probably right to just sand down and paint the legs and if you want a more distressed look rub the edges that stick out with a small bit of sandpaper to make them looked tattier, although too tatty is not a good look !! Good luck and be brave and get sanding and have fun.

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