Gok Wan's fashion advice

The nation’s favourite style guru, Gok Wan talks about shopping, styling and body shape

Gok’s fashion philosophy

Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves. Women have had enough of being told that plastic surgery or a drastic diet is the secret to beauty and success.

It goes without saying that looking good comes from feeling good within.

The first step is to create an image – everyone needs one, whether it’s for a job interview or a date. For me, fashion is my armour: I rule my life by my image, because I gain things from how I look – either winning or deflecting attention.

To create your own personal image, you need to work with what’s there. Everyone can be improved on, including myself. The key to this is understanding your look, whether you want to be a classy girl or a 1950s vintage chick.

The next step is to recognise what body shape you are.

I divide women into eight categories of body shape:
– Juicy Girl (pear-shaped)

- Booty Babe

- Petite Girl

- Sexy Broad

- Curvy Girl (hourglass)

- Bellyssimo Babe

- Cleavage Diva

- Slim and Sexy

It’s difficult to advise women in a general sense because most combine two or three of these.

Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try something new. We all get stuck in a rut – we may know our hair looks good a certain way, with a particular outfit, but be brave enough to take a fashion risk sometimes.

If you want help, take advantage of the personal stylists some stores offer. But ultimately, learn to listen to yourself and trust your instinct.

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Gok’s Golden Rules

For those in need of a confidence boost, Gok has a few basic rules:

1 Form an honest relationship with the mirror.

2 Buy yourself some good underwear.

3 Clear out all the rubbish from your wardrobe.

4 Go shopping.

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